Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rock star weekend/ Part 1: Queens of the Stone Age= Bob's genius plan.

The genius of Bob Odenkirk.

He gets giant rock stars to become session cats for a day.


Simple. He has a system. He sticks to it. And so far it has worked every time.

What is involved?

Again, simple.

Let me explain.

He gets the rock star(s) a gift- a tasteful, relevant gift- and the rock stars love these gifts because Bob has magic shoes.

It begins innocently- as it did last Thursday for case #1, the Queens of the Stone Age.

Here's the story: First, Bob and I use Bob's celebrity status to sneak backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Once there, we set about begging the Queens of the Stone Age to pretty please play a couple cues for the soundtrack to the movie... and magically, they fall for it!

Josh Homme is a most generous dude (and he is a DUDE-especially for anybody who remembers Kyuss) and if there is a more fun bunch of people to hang out with- and play music with- than the Queens... well, bring those bitches on too. Because Bob has magic shoes and we have gifts.

Lots of them.

Below, Bob and Alan Johannes discuss the opening title sequence. But wait... on closer inspection... we see the gifts- three copies of Naomi Odenkirk's "Mr. Show Book" sit on the table along with Bob's pager/magic wand and notepad (magic shoes obstructed by gifts- see below for display of magic).

Next, we moved in to Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider's studio on Friday and the Queens played a couple cues and the opening title sequence. Click on the picture to hear the chaos scene written specifically for our friends the Queens!

Happy with their day, Bob, Natasha and Alain pose for the camera to prove that this in fact all happened.

One down... a weekend with nothing to do in front of us.

Hey, wait- let's go get more rock star/session players.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Part 2: Meg White... Take him to Detroit! Bob's genius plan.

Bob's plan had worked so well on the Queens, we thought we would try it on Meg White.

So we flew to Detroit, where the White Stripes played the last shows of their American tour (and where they live). Once we were there, Bob and I went to Border's books in downtown Detroit and got Meg a present- but not before stopping by the Motown Museum where Bob posed with our friend Elton in front of the building where some of the greatest music in history was recorded.

Next, it was off to the Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, MI and once we got there... well...

It worked!


Below is Bob pretending to be casual as Meg, like a moth to the flame... a deer in the headlights... a rabbit in the hat... falls for the plan! (Notice Bob's magical shoes as an obvioulsy entranced Meg opens her gift. Also, White Stripes fans, note the color of the wrapping paper. It is always in the details.)

Properly bewitched, Meg played the drum parts that accompanies Dax Shepherd character.

Meg's drumming is something we thought would be perfect for the character that Dax plays and she was great. Meg was very generous- it was her first day home in too many months- but she came down and played her heart out for us and the movie will be much richer for her contribution.

Welcome to the world of session playing, Meg. You were sensational and it was a thrill and a fantastic experience for us and we hope you enjoy the gift.

Below, Meg and Bob pose for the camera to again prove that it actually happened.