Saturday, August 27, 2005

"You Are Going To Prison" directed by Bob Odenkirk is funny.

I am doing the score for "You Are Going to Prison." Bob Odenkirk is directing and it is funny. And not that "just-because-I-am-working-on-it-funny." Really, it is. Bob is a hero in my household. My wife displays her "Mr. Show Convention, 1996" refrigerator magnet proudly.

-Picture of Rebecca's Mr. Show magnet.

I am glad the movie is funny.

Meg White is going to play some drums on the score for "You Are Going To Prison." That is cool. So we will have James Gadson and Meg White as our drummers.

Here's some footage of Scott Kinsey. He plays on the score too.(Click on this picture of Scott for video.)

Cooked- the Dane Cook television show...

I am doing the theme song for Dane Cook's upcoming telelvision pilot for Sony. Jay Kogen, father of Charles Sinatra Kogen is the executive producer of the show. Did you know that Dane Cook's new CD is the highest-charting comedy album in 26 years. His bow at No. 4 on the Billboard Chart for his cd "Retaliation" is the best showing for a comedy set since Steve Martin? Man, I am getting old. I saw Steve Martin at the Universal Amphitheater. The Blues Brothers opened for him. Oh, and the Universal Amphitheater was OUTDOORS. Here is someone younger than us- Charles (and his dad- who is old too).
"Smith and Jones' Big Day Out"- an original musical I am writing starring Ivo Le France and Jon Gries is coming soon. I finished some more music for it this week. Here is the first "one sheet" for our stars:
Quincy Jones called this morning (no shit- how's that for name dropping)... and I think I am going to work with him on the score for the new Jim Sheridan/50 Cent movie. I start when we are done with "Prison."

Have you ever heard the music from "The Hot Rock?"

They have to start putting that stuff out on CD sometime- because it is amazing. We also used some Lalo Schifrin- another bad man. We temped a lot of Lalo and Quincy in for the Bob Odenkirk movie... it is really cool.

Anyways, I am working with Quincy Jones.

Yeah, I am.
Cody Chesnutt signs with Al's Records and Tapes.

Al's Records and Tapes empire continues to grow.

Al's signed Cody Chesnutt and I am very happy to be able to help spread the gospel on my friendc. I think Cody is one of the most talented and inspiring people I have ever known. You may remember the four star review in Rolling Stone, the cover of the Fader magazine... all the hoopla about Cody- all of it deserved, because he is a baaaaaad man- I am really proud to say Al's is the label that got him. Sony? nah. Warners? nope. Interscope? I think not.

-Cody poolside.

Cody was on the Roots records- I think it was the first single, called "The Seed." You may remember... "If Mary had a baby girl tonight, I would name her Rock and Roll." They played it everywhere- in the movie "Collateral" and on MTV all day.

If you have not heard him, make it a point to go listen. He is a unique man with a singular viewpoint and musicality that matches his humanity- all of which is apparent when he sings and plays. There are writer/singers like Cody who pop up every so often- guys/gals who will wring every ounce of truth out of a song without ever overreaching- Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Aretha... D'Angelo- and Cody.

Anyways, "The Headphone Masterpiece" is amazing- check it for yourself. And look forward- we are going to get Cody to make a new record- I promise.
Some Summer music from Al's Records and Tapes.

Al's Records and Tapes has some new releases for summer- a couple of ambien and/or ambient music and some great (free) podcasts for the dog days.
I am really proud of these.

"Boboto" by Séverine Baron

Al's Records and Tapes is pleased to announce the release of "Boboto" a beautiful stirring of Laptopica from Séverine Baron.Give in to "Boboto"- time will pass in an altered pace as Séverine's musicality swallows you in. "Boboto" is Sév's second release- also check "Dogonet."

Landing Music by Jean-Luc Cohen is reminiscent of a 21st century Brian Eno (in fact, it's Jean-Luc's tribute to Eno). Al's is pleased to share "Landing Music" a beautiful collection of soothing ambient Laptopica from Jean-Luc Cohen. Jean-Luc is known for his work with Trent Reznor and The Jews and now "Landing Music".Slow down your day. Breath in. Breath out- and download "Landing Music."

Soon to come is the new Ruger Seeds record. You can check out the old one through Itunes here.

Do you know Perry Botkin? I do. Perry did arrangements for all kinds of my favorite music in the sixties and seventies (including "Love or Let Me Be Lonely" by the Friends of Distinction- it may be the best pop arrangement ever written... how about that!)- and, well, after writing "Nadia's Theme (theme from "The Young and the Restless) ", my bud Perry had had enough of dealing with bosses and so he makes music how HE wants to hear it and he doesn't give a shit if anybody loves- or hates it. As a matter of fact, I don't think he even wants an opinion. So Perry has allowed me to put out some of his music. Enjoy it. I do.
Podcasts! Beldencasts!

Please draw a mutsache on me-

Bob Belden, the genius jazz composer, saxophonist and all around funny man, has come up with a show which you shouldn't miss. Bob- who is also one of the preeminent jazz scholars- has started a podcast which we are turning into a weekly radio show. Bob- in addition to his own work- has overseen many of the reissues of a lot of historic catalogues- amongts them the Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Joe Zawinul catalogues (all of which he has written incredibly incisve liner notes also) and his essays about these artists are thorough and inventive both from a fan's standpoint and a musician's/

Bob has brought his unique perspective and unbelievable access to cyberland. The first two Belden shows (brought to you by Bob's "Rope-a-Dope Podcasting Network") feature great insight and rare music of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis.
Van Stone is unleashed.

Dave Sheridan (the guy with no shirt in "Ghostworld") and his bro Travis Draft (from "Buzzkill!") came up with the band Van Stone- which we recorded and is now being turned into a tv pilot directed by Troy Miller. The original tunes were written with Dave Gruber Allen, guitar hero Richie Kotzen.
Here's a look at the future of Al's Records and Tapes. We are trying to sign these youngsters... they have a hit, we think, inin "1,2,3 (Dead Day).".


Mushy, we miss ye. Especially Mr. Jones.