Saturday, August 27, 2005

Some Summer music from Al's Records and Tapes.

Al's Records and Tapes has some new releases for summer- a couple of ambien and/or ambient music and some great (free) podcasts for the dog days.
I am really proud of these.

"Boboto" by Séverine Baron

Al's Records and Tapes is pleased to announce the release of "Boboto" a beautiful stirring of Laptopica from Séverine Baron.Give in to "Boboto"- time will pass in an altered pace as Séverine's musicality swallows you in. "Boboto" is Sév's second release- also check "Dogonet."

Landing Music by Jean-Luc Cohen is reminiscent of a 21st century Brian Eno (in fact, it's Jean-Luc's tribute to Eno). Al's is pleased to share "Landing Music" a beautiful collection of soothing ambient Laptopica from Jean-Luc Cohen. Jean-Luc is known for his work with Trent Reznor and The Jews and now "Landing Music".Slow down your day. Breath in. Breath out- and download "Landing Music."

Soon to come is the new Ruger Seeds record. You can check out the old one through Itunes here.

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