Saturday, August 27, 2005

"You Are Going To Prison" directed by Bob Odenkirk is funny.

I am doing the score for "You Are Going to Prison." Bob Odenkirk is directing and it is funny. And not that "just-because-I-am-working-on-it-funny." Really, it is. Bob is a hero in my household. My wife displays her "Mr. Show Convention, 1996" refrigerator magnet proudly.

-Picture of Rebecca's Mr. Show magnet.

I am glad the movie is funny.

Meg White is going to play some drums on the score for "You Are Going To Prison." That is cool. So we will have James Gadson and Meg White as our drummers.

Here's some footage of Scott Kinsey. He plays on the score too.(Click on this picture of Scott for video.)


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mr. niceguy said...

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