Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There is an Irving Berlin song... that sums it up:

"I haven't ambitions for lofty positions
That wind up with the wealth of the land
I'll give you the throne that a king sat on
For just a small baton
Providing you included a band

If I could be the wealthy owner of a large industry
I would say, "Not for me"
I'd rather lead a band

If I could be a politician with a chance to dictate
I would say, "Let it wait"
I'd rather lead a band

My ev'ry care ceases
I'm rich as old Croesus
When I've got ten pieces
In hand"

So here's who I got to lead:

and here's the story:

We finally get to scoring the magical Bob (see below) movie. And so we put together the greatest rhythm section.



Don't even try to argue.

I got like one of those "you can't argue with me" dreamteams.... like what would it be like if Magic were passing to Bird passing to Jordan (ok- I have that on tape- it was the 1992 dream team- particularly the first qualifying of the Americas tourney when they played together vs. Cuba... but I digress)... well here's the rhythm dream team:

James Gadson on drums

King Errisson on bongos and congas

Rahzel beatboxing and breaking legs

Shoot, I could have used just James, King and Rahzel and it would have been the all-time hip-hop sample library... but we are not done yet.

Ray Parker, Jr on guitar... and before you say it... who you gone call?

Reggie McBride on bass http://alsrecordsandtapes.com/reggie.jpg Oh, and go watch Reggie playing with Stevie Wonder in 1973 here: http://alsrecordsandtapes.com/beatclub.mpg

Scott Kinsey on keyboards

Billy Hulting on percussion

Gary Gardner on percussion

We had only two days...

But for two days, I was the luckiest man... on the face of the earth (Gehrig, Magic... whatever).

note the amount of pages on my right (cues not done yet) and those on the right (done)

But, with all that music to do.... I could look down in front of me and see RAY PARKER, JR.!

Please, we never had ANY problems.

So here's some photos of the fun for one and for all.

In terms of hip-hop history... here is a good one. Perry Botkin, Jr. and King Errisson see each other for the first time in 25 years. Perry wrote and produced all the Incredible Bongo Band records ("Apache" anyone?) and of course, the bongo player in the Incredible Bongo Band IS King Errisson.

When we started placing Bongo Band records into the temp score, I called my pal Perry and asked "How many bongo players did you use and where are they?"

Perry then referred me to the King and we found two days where he was off the Neil Diamond show he is on tour with these days.

King Errisson is the man. You think you gotta a better bongo man.

You are wrong.

Here's me and Rah- Rah- Rahzel

Again... Who you gone call? Mr. Telephone Man.

Bob and Rahzel

My thanks to everybody- our music super G. Marq Roswell, music editor David Carbonara, the studio at Glenwood Place (nice place!, nice folks too) and my attorney general, head groundskeeper and man who makes the train run on time, Hank Cicalo- who is also the best engineer anywhere.

This was the most fun recording date I have ever attended- let alone been a part of. The band worked that sucker to death- wait til you hear it.

from left: Billy Hulting, Ray Parker, Jr. (last time: Who you gone call?), Hank Cicalo, Reggie McBride, Bob Odenkirk (below), Scott Kinsey (above Bob), King Errisson, James Gadson, Rahzel, G. Marq Roswell, me (!), David Carbonara.


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maryk said...

Hi there...can't WAIT to see (and hear) the movie. Big fan of Bob. Sounds like a great project to work on.
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Aren said...

That is pretty cool that you work with Bob Odenkirk. He is hilarious. Hope to hear more on that film of his.

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