Saturday, July 08, 2006

Naked Trucker Session for Bob…

The end of the music for “Let's Go To Prison” was great.

Months ago, Bob, Dave Koechner and I got together to write the main title to be performed by the Naked Trucker and Gerald Tibbins - better known as T-Bones (who looks a great deal like Dave). So then we waited... and waited... and finally we got the ok from hq and we had to really do it.

Then the genius of Dave Allen stepped in to sharpen some stuff. Then the band came in... and shoot, before you know it, it's a hoe-down.

So we assembled at Capitol Studios

(that's Jalinda, who works with Andy Paley with Dave Allen) and we assembled the Trucker, T-Bones...

and along came the Dick-Around Gang, manned by Andy Paley on drums, JP Fitting on bass,
TC Tommy Chan on guitar
and lastly... we had a very special guest to top it off…

The legendary Tommy Morgan on the bass harmonica.

And as always, we had Hank Cicalo manning the board - so we new it was gonna be a stone gas.

And it was. The end of the music for the movie lets me know we are getting a little bit closer to finally getting to let everyone hear and see what it is... all the great people we have gotten to play with... and now... all we have to do is wait until...


(For those who can't wait, you can always go see "Snakes on a Plane" when it comes out- rumor has it that they will be showing trailers for "Let's Go To Prison" before "Snakes.")

Big thanks to Hank Cicalo- who kept things sounding great- and our music supervisor- G. Marq Roswell- who kept explaining to people with money why we needed all the great musicians we got to play and the contributions that these players would make to make the movie better (which I think we did, immodesty aside).

I am a fortunate guy to have gotten the privilege to work with Bob, Dave Allen, Dave Koechner, The Dick-Around Gang, Tommy Morgan, The Queens of the Stone Age, Rahzel, James Gadson, Ray Parker, Jr., Reggie McBride, King Errisson, Scott Kinsey, Billy Hulting, Gary Gardner, Walter Smith III, the Prison Gang String Quartet, Meg White and Hank Cicalo- and I am as proud of the work Bob and I accompished as I am of anything I have worked on. We are working on getting a soundtrack record together- and I will keep posting when there is news regarding that.


menlove said...

Nice blog. Anyway, this message is for Bob. I was watching some old videos of you and David on YouTube, and I came across an interview you guys did with Dennis Miller on some old show of his.

Dennis asked you about an outstanding memory from college, and you started to tell a story about doing mushrooms, and how it was the craziest thing that happened to you.

Anyway, like the shithead that he is, Dennis said that he didn't want to hear the mushrooms story.

But I do want to hear it. What happened?

Regardless, keep up the good work.

sjbrown said...

Yeah I remember that episode of Dennis Miller. (Dennis Miller was funny. What the hell happened to that guy. We all experienced 9/11. He's the only one that turned into a turnip.) I always wanted to hear that story too.

AnJaka said...

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Wendy said...

Yeah, also for Bob:

Please tell us the mushroom story. Teeheehe...

Becky said...

Hey Bob,
I'm sure you had a great time on mushrooms. Did you feel like a beautiful flower growing in the garden of the universe?
Anyway, I really don't care about that. Just want to say Nice Sideburns!
Love, Becky

what said...

yeah, it's xkmanlip because it kept saying, "sorry, a**hole, but that login name is not available". I even tried, "rushlimbaugh". I guess there is someone on here called that, too. And "ilovehitler" is taken. xkmanlip was not.

I think I know the mushroom story. What happened was, they weren't psychedelic, but everyone thought they were, so they thought they were tripping, and they did all kinds of weird, crazy feces. They even raped a cop car.

Ok, but here's the interesting bit. They later found out that the shrooms weren't real, so when real shrooms became available, they didn't believe they were real, so they took a lot of them and then just spent the evening watching tv. They could have had the time of their life, but they had no idea. They just stayed up to watch a marathon of "Car 54 Where Are You" on Nick at Night. Man, is that a story, or what!? Ahhhhhh, college.

Jerkemy said...

If I post a comment on this blog, will that in turn make me and my blog famous? I'm just not clear on how this works.

Jiffy-Junkboy said...

Fuck the shrooms story, I'm excited about this movie!!! Dennis Miller: I think Bill Maher said he's still-friends with Miller, and that people change when they get-older. Maher said, "I get more-radical, he got more-conservative." Something like that. So, people become MORE of an asshole when they get-old?! Turnips? When I did shrooms, all I saw was Aztec-patterns--fuck-that! I wanna seem Fat Boy and Little Man crashing through my kucking ceiling, man.

Jiffy-Junkboy said...

"See", fcuking tpyos!! SIHT!

phil@bluesdivas said...

My name is Phil Kampel. I am a New York cousin of Hank Cicalo. The last time I saw him was after the Carole King concert at Carnegie Hall in 1971. I moved to Sacramento in 1998 and have been trying to figure out how to contact Hank. Can you help me?