Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's been too long.
I know.
I spend too much time writing about basketball, writing about music, teaching at UCLA ... and producing and FINISHING :that noise and tra la la.

sure, I be bloggin'... but not here.
That stops now!

For everyone's listening pleasure, Al's Records and Tapes proudly presents our latest and greatest:
:That Noise


Tra La La
Go check the sites- we are very proud of them.
Mike Jerugim did the web design. He's the best.


mrs. d said...

hi alan,
how are you??? i hope you are well. i found your site and am so happy to read about your dad's name living on and helping so many students and schools.
i am fine...can't believe my beverly high 20 year reunion is coming up this august...makes me very nostalgic. i always talk about my hubby, david getting together with you re his music and your advice. it is a tough business out there. i am excited to read all of the projects you are involved with! i would love to pick your brain re music. he has had some great success in his music...i think i told u he had a song on garden state the movie which he wrote a song in. the cd won a grammy for best compilation cd. it is hard to navigate the music world!
anyway...thought i'd say hello and touch base. hope you and your family are all well.
:) jen rose

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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