Friday, April 11, 2008

Why don't I blog as much...

I am very busy giving piano lessons.

What's up?

Well, besides the above... too much.

Yours truly here at Al's Records and Tapes is getting into the Al's Records and Tapes... AND Film and TV bidness.

In the spirit of not jinxing anything...

I am not gonna jinx anything.

But... Al's Records and Tapes is the proud owner of one AMAZING movie now... and we hope to get it ON OUR WAY asap!

here's a teaser:


Matt Farmer said...

I now have to learn about major business transactions like this through the blogosphere?

In any event, congratulations.

jvale1961 said...

Congrats will be truly AMAZING when this finally hits the world! You will be held as a Hero in some eyes! THANK YOU!